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Get a unit for a daycare of 6 classrooms please help.

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I am looking to get a unit for a daycare of 6 classrooms, and another with 14 classrooms.I am hoping I can get better information here!
  1. To clean and disinfect a classroom (toys and surfaces), what ppm would you recommend? What is contact time for sanitizing?
  2. Does sanitizer need need to be cleaned/rinsed off surfaces afterwards?
  3. Do soiled toys and surfaces need to be cleaned with soap and water before spraying with HOCL? (Might be a silly questions, but I think I saw HOCL listed as a cleaning and sanitizing agent)
  4. For a daycare of 6+ classrooms, what unit would be best to consider?
According to UW INNOVATION current customer experience, we will share you the following reference:
Talking about the front: It is a more suitable choice to use hypochlorous acid for disinfection in schools, stations and other places where there are many people. It is also recognized not only for surface disinfection, but also an alternative solution for air environment disinfection.
We need to understand the following characteristics before choosing:
1) The concentration of hypochlorous acid used in the FDA is not recommended to exceed 200ppm, but in actual use, most of us use hypochlorous acid produced from slightly acidic electrolyzed water, and its most widely recommended concentration is 30-100ppm Between, according to different usage scenarios.
2) In many places, there will be more than 200ppm of hypochlorous acid sold. Strictly speaking, it is due to different production processes. The amount of more than 200ppm belongs to the chemical mixed production of hypochlorous acid liquid instead of the slightly acidic electrolyzed water type hypochlorite we produced through electrolysis acid. .
2) We need to disinfect the surface of objects and air in the environment at the same time, so we use the form of atomization for disinfection is the most economical and fast way.

Based on your question, I will give the following explanation and answer:
first question:
We recommend spray disinfection with a concentration of 100ppm. The disinfection method is:
The first step is to seal the classroom space
The second part is used in the classroom for 30 minutes through atomization
The third step is to open the window and keep it for 15 minutes
second question:
If you are using the hypochlorous acid solution, then we can think that the liquid has basically no corrosive effect on the mist, but you need to protect the iron objects in the environment in advance. At the same time, it should be that hypochlorous acid has almost no harm to the human body, so there is no need to wipe it, because it will degrade naturally.
The third question:
Don't want it, hypochlorous acid will disinfect itself. But in order to ensure the beauty, you can wipe it clean after spraying the liquid.
The fourth question:
Thank you for your question, it is valuable that UW INNOVATIONcan help more people make choices. Hope to help you and solve your more problems.


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