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Here we will brief teach you how to focus on the distinction

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Here we will brief teach you how to focus on the distinction.ways

The epidemic has caused us to see more and more hypochlorous acid products on the market. Here we will briefly teach you how to focus on the distinction.
The first is sodium hypochlorite, the second is hypochlorous acid, and the third is electrolyzed water. These three products are widely used names in the products promoted by hypochlorite. Below we will analyze their basic ingredients to help us reasonably distinguish the types of products in the supermarket.
Sodium hypochlorite mainly exists in the bleaching liquid in supermarkets. It is the main ingredient. Of course, sodium hypochlorite can also be used for surface disinfection of general objects. Due to the presence of sodium hypochlorite, the pH value of the solution will appear alkaline.
Hypochlorous acid is mainly contained in some small spray bottles, and it is more used to promote its disinfection effect. It means that it is close to the disinfection of human skin, and its PH value will be acidic.
Generally speaking, the price of hypochlorous acid products is higher than that of sodium hypochlorite products because of its natural, non-irritating and FDA certification.In fact, the difference in composition between hypochlorous acid and sodium hypochlorite is only the existence form of hypochlorite ion under the pH of different solutions. When we adjust the pH of the hypochlorite solution to an alkaline environment, then it is sodium hypochlorite. If the pH is adjusted to In an acidic environment, it is hypochlorous acid. In general, we recommend that PH regulator is hydrochloric acid, but there are also businesses that promote the use of acetic acid, citric acid, etc., and we do not do in-depth research.
The electrolyzed water is more suitable for a type of product. There are more related products on the market. Although the appearance is different, the core principle is the same, which is to electrolyze a certain concentration of salt water in an electrolyzer to generate electrolysis. water.
So what is the difference between electrolyzed water and the aforementioned hypochlorous acid and sodium hypochlorite? In fact, we can use this electrolyzed aquatic product to produce liquids containing sodium hypochlorite or hypochlorous acid to facilitate consumers' disinfection.
According to the output liquid of electrolyzed aquatic products, we can divide it into strong acid electrolyzed water, slightly acid electrolyzed water, alkaline electrolyzed neutral electrolyzed water according to the difference of PH value.
The main component of acidic electrolyzed water is hypochlorous acid, and the main component of alkaline electrolyzed water is sodium hypochlorite.
Furthermore, we define different electrolytic products as
Sodium hypochlorite generator, the main liquid is sodium hypochlorite
Slightly acidic electrolyzed water generator, the main liquid is hypochlorous acid
Now you can distinguish between the sodium hypochlorite, hypochlorous acid, slightly acidic electrolyzed water generator, and hypochlorous acid press generator on your hand?


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