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]how long does UW HOCl atomizer products take to kill cov an

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[Q]New here. I’ve been using UW products for a few weeks now and wish I got it earlier. For the past year I’ve been using cleansmart disinfectant spray which is essentially HOCL. This was the first time I heard of UW products. Anywho, I’ve noticed a lot of folks here saying should getting 500 ppm and I also get that information too.why the ppm is so high,if  we need to change? 
[A]Dear it is correct to use tools test the ppm before using it in safe.But as you understand, the actual use concentration of slightly acidic electrolytic hypochlorous acid is generally between 50-100ppm, and the concentration of more than 100ppm is not suitable for direct use on the human body.
[Q]how long does UW products take to kill cov anybody know ? and does anybody know how long the capsuls last in storage do they have an experation date ?
[A]Use electrolytic hypochlorous acid to disinfect the surface of the object. It takes 20s to reach a logarithmic value of 5 log to kill. Of course, this time can be appropriately extended in actual use.according to JAPAN reasearch 2020 nite.The basic raw materials in UW products's capsules are salt and vinegar, which generally do not expire and can actually be stored for a long time.
[Q]I made a batch of hocl with my UW products a little over a month ago. I just tested it and its testing at 100 ppm. I have it stored in a solid colored spray bottle and keep it under my sink. Is it really possible that it can still be effective after this length of time?
[A]dea,The lower the temperature is, the higher the sealing property is, and the slower the decomposition speed is. So the concentration will drop very slowly.
But if you put it for such a long time, the effect should not change much, but there may be deterioration or new bacteria, such as small creatures with tolerance, living in it.
Therefore, it is suggested to prepare it again
[Q]Any Tubie or Medical Mamas advice? Do you use HOCL to clean syringes?? I usually do vinegar and Dawn which works well, but I’ve been wondering if HOCL would be better. Picture of my little man who has a feeding tube playing in the sink on this snowy day.
[A]Dear it is ok,use the hocl water to clean it with 5mins i think,and then still you need to clean it with clean distilled water if you are using the syring for other meds, im case of Possible failures and problems caused by mixing with hypochlorite。
[Q]Does anyone know if it’s possible to turn HOCL into a foam without totally destroying its effectiveness? Maybe a good homemade alternative to this product?
[A]dear:Generally speaking, if you use it in this way, it will directly contact your sensitive parts, and the concentration of it will not be recommended to be very high. For example, many suggestions for cleaning wounds are below 10ppm. In this case, I think 10ppm is a more appropriate way.Foaming can be solved by physical devices, so your idea can be realized, but there is no commercial solution at present.
I'm very glad to talk with you about the use of hypochlorite. Your idea is also great. I hope it can be realized.and I look into the website you recommed, this is a good way,cos in the tollite room,virus will be there on the paper,we can use that to prevent the virus,but hold 10s maybe before using that way.it is good for commerical and personal uasage.!


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