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Can the molecular structure of electrolyzed water be changed

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[Q]Can the molecular structure of electrolyzed water be changed? Will there be a sterilization effect after the change?

[A]Does the structure of water molecules change after electrolysis? There is basically no change in the molecular structure.
The water is filled with bubbles for disinfection, which is the liquid formed by ozone or chlorine.
So the main disinfection is ozone water or hypochlorous acid or sodium hypochlorite.
So can it be disinfected? Since different electrolysis schemes are used, the different schemes will be discussed separately.
Ozone water seems to be above 0.3 ppm to have a certain disinfection effect. Not long ago, the electrolysis solution product of ozone water was released to European customers.
Most of the products sold on the domestic market with this technology do not reach the concentration that can be disinfected, and the price is relatively high. I don't understand it, which may be a conceptual reason.
Hypochlorous acid AEW or sodium hypochlorite (Sodium Hypochlorite) belongs to the EW program of electrolyzed water. The main difference is that the composition is different due to different pH values.
AEW is divided into Strong acid electrolyzed water Acid electrolyzed water Weak acid electrolyzed water is mainly distinguished by the difference of ph, but they are all in the range of 7 or less.
Commonly found in high-end products and industrial equipment.
In this case, depending on the pph, the disinfection effect is generally above 35ppm-50ppm. According to my judgment, the conditions are relatively simple. The products on the market can basically reach this concentration, so it can be disinfected.
The specific pH and concentration can be seen in the table below.
The solution of sodium hypochlorite is called alkaline electrolyzed water.
The ph value is in the alkaline range.
It is common in products such as electrolytic pots with disinfection function that can be found on Taobao.
Generally, the disinfection function needs to be above 100ppm, and the products on the market can basically meet this condition, which is relatively simple.
Of course, among the two, hypochlorous acid solution products are preferred.
You can also choose alkaline sodium hypochlorite products instead, mainly considering the salt residue and safety, so you need to be careful not to use it on people or air food, and use clean water after use.
On the whole, if you buy a product that requires adding salt, it can basically have a disinfection function.
In addition to using the product's instruction manual, you also need to have another understanding.
First, it cannot be used on people or food. After all, there are too few hypochlorous acid versions, and they are basically sodium hypochlorite solutions.
Second, after spraying the watering can, remember to ventilate
Third, you cannot add vinegar or acid to adjust the pH. I think some manufacturers suggest that sodium hypochlorite should be changed to hypochlorous acid. This is not good, as it will easily lead to chlorine overflow.
Fourth, don't play with fire.
Fifth, do not increase the amount of salt at will, do not increase the electrolysis time at will, and operate strictly in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.
Sixth, don't play with children.
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